31" Stainless & Silicone Black and Purple Tail Plug

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Enter a new world of erotic fantasy and pleasure by wearing this 31" Stainless & Silicone Black and Purple Tail Plug! This long tail butt plug can take your pet play to new sexual heights.

Our Stainless & Silicone Black and Purple Tail Plug has everything you need to enhance your intimate moments with your lover. For one, the 31-inch fake fox tail can make your lover's imagination run wild as he/she finds you wearing nothing but this plug. Your lover will immediately take off his/her clothes, then start petting or caressing your long-tail and voluptuous butt to begin your erotic scene.

Secondly, our 31" Black and Purple Tail Plug offers a variety of designs and sizes to choose from. First off, we have the famous teardrop-shaped plugs that are made from either silicone or stainless steel. This design allows for easy penetration because of its smooth finish and tapered end. Then, we have the ribbed butt plugs, which are made of stainless steel. These tail butt plugs provide different sensations to your anus as they go deeper into your anal canal.

We also have a vibrating tail butt plug, which is a favorite of many users. The vibration brought by this toy sends a tingling sensation inside your backdoor, making you cum more. Last, are the uniquely shaped butt plugs. These toys are available in different sizes to fit your level of expertise. The 2.95-inch butt plugs are ideal for experienced players for they provide a comfortable fit for the wearer. Meanwhile, the 4.53-inch and 4.13-inch tail butt plugs can push you to your limits, making them ideal for advanced players.

But, regardless of their differences, these tail butt plugs only have one goal - to give you the most exciting and pleasing pet play of your life! So, don't just sit there and stare at these toys. Grab our 31" Stainless & Silicone Black and Purple Tail Plug now!

Color Pink, Silver, Black, Flesh (plug), Black and Purple (tail)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone, stainless steel
handle: 31.50 inches
plug: A Small Pink: 2.76 inches; B Medium Pink: 3.15 inches; C Big Pink: 3.54 inches;
B Small: 2.76 inches; B Medium: 3.15 inches; C Big: 3.54 inches;
C Small: 2.76 inches; C Medium: 3.15 inches; C Big: 3.54 inches;
D Small: 2.76 inches; D Medium: 3.15 inches; D Big: 3.54 inches;
E Small: 2.95 inches; E Medium: 3.74 inches; E Big: 4.13 inches;
F Novice: 2.95 inches;
G Novice: 2.95 inches;
H Novice: 2.95 inches;
I Silicone Vibration: 3.94 inches;
J Veteran: 4.53 inches;
K Veteran: 4.13 inches
handle: N/A
plug: A Small Pink: 1.10 inches; A Medium Pink: 1.34 inches; A Big Pink: 1.57 inches;
B Small: 1.10 inches; B Medium: 1.34 inches; B Big: 1.57 inches;
C Small: 1.10 inches; C Medium: 1.34 inches; C Big: 1.57 inches;
D Small: 1.10 inches; D Medium: 1.34 inches; D Big: 1.57 inches;
E Small: 1.10 inches (head), 0.83 inches (ribbed neck); E Medium: 1.34 inches (head), 1.02 inches (ribbed neck); E Big: 1.50 inches (head), 1.10 inches (ribbed neck);
F Novice: 0.67 inches (top), 1.14 inches (bottom);
G Novice: 0.63 inches (top), 0.87 inches (middle), 1.14 inches (bottom);
H Novice: 1.10 inches;
I Silicone Vibration: 1.42 inches;
J Veteran: 1.14 inches;
K Veteran: 0.67 inches (top), 1.14 inches (bottom)


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