31" Stainless Steel Tail Plug

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How about giving your partner something that will change your bedtime games forever? Introducing our 31" Stainless Steel Tail Plug! This toy will be the only thing you will ever need as it has all the right characteristics of a great sex device.

Made of premium quality steel, its butt plug will not only give you a smooth and erotic heavy feeling but will also have that inherent hardness that will make you as horny as hell!

This plug has a dimension of 2.76 by 1.10 inches, a great size for those wanting to have that sensual massage with just the right pressure on the erogenous areas of the butt. This toy features a flared base to make sure it does not lodge in the anal canal. The base also holds the lovely tail that extends up to 31.50 inches.

This tail plug is offered in a variety of colors to choose from. We have a very sultry pink, an elegant black even a very unique green shade. Whatever tickles your fur fancy, it will deliver the allure and sensuality you need for your animalistic role-play.

To practice safe anal stimulation and expansion, always remember to wash the toy and your hands before the session begins to make sure you don't harbor harmful bacteria. Always be very generous with lubrication and take on a comfortable position. It should be carefully inserted inside. Breathe in as the toy slowly slips inside the ass, massaging your sensitive areas and introducing you to unbelievable sensations you thought you never needed!

Keep your toy viable for a long time by maintaining it through proper cleaning after each use. Dry the fur and plug thoroughly then place in a storage away from direct sunlight and dust.

Go ahead, try out our amazing tail plug and celebrate the good times!

Color Red, Purple, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Gray, Blue, Black (tail), Silver (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Aluminum Alloy
handle: 31.50 inches
plug: 2.76 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.10 inches

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