3 Size Silicone Pink Bunny Tail Plug

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Set yourself free from inhibitions as you embark on a world of new thrills and excitement with the 3 Size Silicone Pink Bunny Tail Plug! It's available in three distinct sizes (Small, Medium, Large) and reeks with simplicity and elegance. This anal plug will rock your world as it highlights a black silicone plug with a pink bunny tail attached to the base. This device guarantees pleasure and a feeling of fullness as it gets sucked up inside the anus. How quickly you can reach orgasm is completely up to you. Thrust this toy into your anus at varying pace and enjoy!

This sex toy is maneuvered easily when generously lubricated. Water or oil-based lube should work with this device without issues. To start using it, massage your anus with your thumb, then gently push the anal plug inside. As much as possible, use your fingers to stretch your rectal muscles. If you feel comfy, slowly insert the remaining part of the plug continuously inside. To pull out the sex toy, grab it by the tail and slowly extract the plug.

The silicone plug is medical-grade and body-safe while the bunny tail won't cause any skin irritation. The smooth surface of the black silicone makes the insertion part comfortable. There are no rough or sharp edges on this device. Fortunately, the artificial tail of this toy prevents the device from getting stuck and lodged deep in the anus.

Additionally, this tail plug is easy to clean as it is non-porous. Simply wash the plug with a bar of fragrance-free soap and rinse with clean tap water. The stubby tail needs shampooing for it to stay fresh and clean, too! Allow the device to air dry or use a hairdryer on low heat. Store in a container away from extreme humidity and temperature. If you are particular with hygiene, spray the toy with 75% isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly disinfect. Lastly, avoid sharing it with others.

Finally, enjoy a tantric anal stimulation with the 3 Size Silicone Pink Bunny Tail Plug when you order this product today!

Color Pink (tail), Black (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: N/A
plug: S: 2.76 inches, M: 3.15 inches, L: 3.54 inches
handle: N/A
plug: S: 1.10 inches, M: 1.34 inches, L: 1.57 inches


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