14" Stainless Steel Purple and White Cat Tail Plug

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Cats are known to be cuddly and adorable, but they also hiss and yank their claws out when needed. If you think this is you--especially when the night draws near and your partner is waiting for you in bed, then there's no doubt that you'll love our 14" Stainless Steel Purple and White Cat Tail Plug!

This beautiful anal sex toy is made from artificial fur that's high quality, super soft, and plush. We have a unique take on this cat tail and colored it purple to make it unique and sassy. It features an ombre style to make it eye-catching, one that you and your partner will surely love. And because this is an animal tail, you'd both be delighted as the tail sways and dances with every movement from your butt.

Helping the tail stay in place is its metal butt plug. It's high quality and rust-resistant, making it safe to use in the body. The plug features a classic teardrop shape that is tapered for easy insertion, and as you move along, the girth increases to a bulbous part. Finally, the neck and the base of the plug act as a stopper to prevent it from getting further in.

With three different plug width sizes--small (0.98 inch), medium (1.38 inch), and large (1.57 inch)--there's a plug size for any preference.

Each time you use our 14" Stainless Steel Purple and White Cat Tail Plug, make sure that it's clean and dry before and after use. To do this, simply lather up the toy with some mild antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Pat away any excess water with a soft towel and lay it down on a flat and soft surface to dry. You can also blow-dry the tail on the lowest setting.

Get ready for steamy nights once you have the 14" Stainless Steel Purple and White Cat Tail Plug in your possession!

Color Purple (tail); Silver (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 14.96 inches
plug: Small: 2.76 inches, Medium: 3.15 inches, Large: 3.54 inches
handle: 4.72 inches
plug: Small: 0.98 inch, Medium: 1.38 inches, Large: 1.57 inches

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