13" Stainless Steel Pink Fox Tail Plug

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While pink is not usually the color, you'd pick for yourself whether you're looking for a work outfit or something casual for boy's night, seeing this adorably feminine yet sexy color sticking out from your lover's butt as part of our 13" Stainless Steel Pink Fox Tail Plug will certainly turn you on!

Go the extra mile, make date night super playful, and tons more exciting with this 13" Stainless Steel Pink Fox Tail Plug. Made of medical-grade and premium quality Stainless Steel, it's not only safe to use for extended periods of time, it's also easy to clean and even easier to maintain. Surprise your adventurous girlfriend or wife with this sexy little number one fine evening when the lights are low, and the kids are at grandma's house. It's the next best thing after you've gone to town with your fingers and tongue through the backdoor.

The handle is approximately 13" long while the plug itself is 2.76 x 1.18" in diameter. The insertable part is tapered for your safety and comfort. We recommend using lots and lots of water-based lubricant for seamless insertion. Saliva is well and good for foreplay, but when it comes to any kind of penetrative action, it's always best to use lube. You wouldn't want to cut the fun short, wouldn't you?

BDSM enthusiasts, role-playing sex games fanatics, and even the regular mom and pop will enjoy their nights and days spent with our 13" Stainless Steel Pink Fox Tail Plug. It's the perfect gift for your naughty girlfriend, a couple who needs a pick me upper in the bedroom or even yourself for those days when you need a little something to spice things up during solo play.

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Color Pink (tail); Silver (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 13.78 inches
plug: 2.76 inches
handle: N/A
plug: 1.18 inches

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