13" Stainless Steel Black Fox Tail Plug

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The sensuality of having anal sex is said to be very different from conventional sexual intercourse. While many haven't ventured into anal stimulation, anal sex is definitely for all the couples wanting to elevate their bedtime romance, and that is why buying our 13" Stainless Steel Black Fox Tail Plug is a very smart move. For those who love adventure, this is the perfect toy for you.

Made of premium quality stainless steel, the butt plug is tough and heavy yet very smooth. The plug will glide smoothly inside your ass if coated with lube. The handle is a lavish black tail that is ready to make your pet play exciting. No Dom will be able to resist you as you wag your tail and shake your booty. Steel is also a great material to play around when you are fond of temperature play. Dip the plug in a glass of hot or cold water for added flavor and thrill. Whatever your kink may be, each stroke of our tail plug will feel heavenly.

To start your anal stimulation, you have to wash your toy. For mess-free fun, it's best to perform anal douching first. And, to make the insertion easier, apply a generous amount of water-soluble lubrication. Breathe deeply as the toy goes inside your bum. You will instantly feel the heavy plug erotically caressing the sensitive nerve endings around the opening of your ass.

The secret to keeping this sturdy and solid toy hygienic and safe for internal use is to wash it before and after each session. The hair and the plug should be thoroughly dried before you store it in an area away from direct sunlight.

Grab our 13" Stainless Steel Black Fox Tail Plug and start the backside fun soon!

Color Silver (plug); Black (handle)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 13.78 inches
plug: N/A
handle: N/A
plug: N/A

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