12" Silicone Brown Fox Tail Plug

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Don't be deceived by a regular-sized tail because underestimating it would be a mistake. The beat is bumping, and the trumpets are playing! Be the guy or gal behind the most celebrated online phenomenon since the ice-bucket challenge! This 12" Silicone Brown Fox Tail Plug can do several amazing things that may exceed all the superhero memes. We've learned that this device can bench the sexual deprivation of every soul in the world. And, the perfect example is... (cue the music)... you!

This silicone anal plug measures 4.33 inches in height and 1.10 inches in diameter. The silicone material is popular for sex toys because it's non-toxic, body-safe, and hypoallergenic. Plus, with the bumpy exterior, you're guaranteed to have a tantric anal experience. Also, a synthetic fur that resembles a fox tail is connected at the end of the silicone plug. It has a total length of 12.60 inches and a max width of 2.76 inches. The fur is available in variations of brown shades giving a realistic take on the toy.

Before each use, it's essential to keep this toy squeaky clean so that you can stay safe and hygienic. Just simply wash this tail plug with an ordinary, fragrance-free household detergent and then rinse it with tap water. To disinfect thoroughly, we also recommend sterilizing the plug (except the tailpiece) for a few minutes. Or, you can spray the silicone plug with a sex toy cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Shampoo the tailpiece to keep it clean and fresh as well. Hang it dry or use a hairdryer on mild setting then store in a cool area away from high humidity and fluctuating temperature.

Your privacy is our top priority, that's why we'll ship this 12" Silicone Brown Fox Tail Plug toy in discreet packaging. First, the shipping label doesn't divulge what's inside the package. Second, it doesn't have any branding. It will only say something like "medical accessory" on the packaging. Lastly, we use an alias in our business so you won't have any sexually suggestive phrases reflected in your bank statement.

Buy now and start to build your very own anal toy repertoire today!

Color Brown with black stripes (tail), Purple (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Silicone
handle: 12.60 inches
plug: 4.33 inches
handle: 2.76 inches
plug: 0.83, 0.98, 1.18 inches


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