8" Dog Tail Silicone Plug

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Anal sex is one fun activity to engage in with your companion. Doing so brings excitement to the bedroom. To spice things up further, why not try this dog tail and be as frisky as a puppy? It's black and it is available in different sizes. Lastly, it is made of silicone, a hypoallergenic, non-toxic material. It's also flexible, making it ideal for rookies.

One great thing about the plug is that it is perfect not only for beginners but also for intermediate users and experts because of the range of sizes available. Select what best suits your needs and level of experience in anal stimulation. With that mentioned, if you're a newbie, it’s best to experiment with the smallest toy. After all, it wouldn’t be wise to rush and accidentally injure yourself as a result. Silicone is known for its smoothness and bendability that provide both comfort and pleasure.

The first step in using all kinds of anal toys is lubrication. Moisten the plug with a lubricant that is oil or silicone-based then massage your rectum. Once ready, slowly slide it inside your butt hole. Never do things too quickly and make sure to be gentle. If that’s done in the right way, satisfaction is guaranteed for sure.

Cleaning the plug is a must. Luckily, the process isn’t hard because silicone is easily washed using almost any toy cleaner or soap. Most simply, just apply soap and water, then thoroughly rinse. You can also spray the plug with isopropyl alcohol or sex-toy disinfectant to make sure no bacteria will ever flourish. 

Studies have shown that maintaining an active sex life is healthy. Furthermore, many have also said that experimenting with adult toys helps bring excitement back to relationships. As such, why hesitate? Give this dog tail a try!

Color Black
Material Handle: Silicone
Plug: Silicone
Length handle: S: 8.07inches
plug: S: 2.56 inches, M: 3.35 inches, L: 3.86 inches
Width handle: N/A
plug: S:1.38 inches, M:1.77 inches, L: 2.09 inches


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