9" Stainless Steel Light Brown Raccoon Tail Plug

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The best thing about trying on something new is the reaction you get out of surprise, making you desire more for that one thing you once thought you would never ever try! That is the gift that our 9" Stainless Steel Light Brown Raccoon Tail Plug is going to give you and your lover. Not only are you going to enjoy a sensual interaction with your partner, but you will both have something to talk about for days to come!

This particular model has a stainless-steel plug to give you flawless, smooth insert inside with that heaviness you love. We only use quality material so you know you'll get to enjoy a nice ass massage without any worries. This toy also features a flared base to prevent the toy from lodging up to the anal canal. This base also holds a very pretty raccoon tail to give you a little swaying swag as you bounce around enticing your lover. This model also has 3 sizes to suit your level of expertise when it comes to anal stimulation. We suggest that if you are just starting with this new sensual game, you will have the best time with our small plug then progress through the medium and large toys after a good amount of practice.

Always wash the toy before you use it to prevent harmful organisms from harboring into the device. It is also important to wash your hand and perform anal douche to make anal play mess-free. Don't forget to be very generous with your water-soluble lubrication to make insertion easier. Breathe in as you slide the toy inside your ass and feel the erotic heaviness fill your innermost desires. It will truly be something you have never felt before!

So don't hesitate, after all, you only live once. Grab our 9" Stainless Steel Light Brown Raccoon Tail Plug now and let the kinky game begin!

Color Brown (tail), Silver (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic fur
Plug: Stainless steel
handle: 9.84 inches
plug: Small: 2.95 inches, Medium: 3.35 inches, Large: 3.74 inches
handle: N/A
plug: Small: 1.10 inches, Medium: 1.38 inches, Large: 1.61 inches


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