17" Stainless Steel Black Fox Tail Plug

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When it's time to relax and forget about the cares of the world, where do you go to unwind? Most likely your bedroom, right? And what you do in there and who you do it with is absolutely your business, unless you're looking for something to help enhance your experiences. In which case, we can help you there!

If you're all about the butt, but you're not quite getting the mind-blowing sensation that everyone else is raving about, then maybe our 17" Stainless Steel Black Fox Tail Plug can help you. Made of hypoallergenic and medical-grade material -- the kind that's safe and durable even for internal use, this sex toy doesn't retain any odors and is non-porous so you can keep everything sanitary even while you're keeping your mind dirty.

Indulge in your fantasies and let the sensual pleasures of anal sex take over your weekend nights alone or with your partner. Grab this 17" Stainless Steel Black Fox Tail Plug and use it however way you please. Just don't forget the lube to ensure smooth insertion. Oh, and when you're done, make sure to wash with water and antibacterial soap so it's good and ready for your next use.

Black is the color of understated elegance, and our 17" Stainless Steel Black Fox Tail Plug represents exactly that with its lush tail and smooth butt plug. Whether you're a furry in hiding, a BDSM practitioner, or simply someone looking for ways to keep the fire going in the sack, this naughty little number can get you off as no other sex toy can.

It may not have anything that vibrates or makes funny sounds, nor does it need electricity or batteries, but you'll be surprised at how amazing this sexy toy is at giving you and your partner the kind of orgasms you've been craving for.

Color Black (tail), silver (plug)
Material Handle: Synthetic Fur
Plug: Stainless Steel
handle: 17 inches
plug: 1.6 inches
handle: N/A
plug: measurement

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